Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I Love Bracelets

If you look in my Etsy shop, you'll easily notice that bracelets are what I make the most of.  And for someone who makes and loves jewelry, I don't wear much of it. 

But I love bracelets.

You can wear a bracelet whether your ears are pierced or not (and mine aren't currently).  And bracelets don't have to "go" with your outfit the way a necklace often does.  You can wear a whole gob of bracelets or just a single one.

They're truly a mix and match accessory.

And when you run out of room on your wrists, there are always anklets! ;)

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luckxury said...

Another reason is that when you want some reathem to your talking you knock with your hand upon the table and it makes a noise or click. I purposly make them with a coin closure on top, silver paisley coin or an indian silver button.